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Assistive technology for those with Autism

PA’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) – -
PIAT offers information and referral about Assistive Technology (AT), device
demonstrations, and awareness-level presentations. PIAT’s programs include:
Pennsylvania’s AT Lending Library, a free, state-supported program that loans AT
devices to Pennsylvanians of all ages; the Telecommunication Device Distribution
Program (TDDP), a program that provides free specialized equipment to people with
disabilities which prevent them from using regular telephone equipment;
iCanConnect, The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, which
provides free advanced telecommunications equipment to people who are deafblind;
and the Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP), a network of
programs offering ways for people to obtain, donate, or sell AT equipment.

 Time Timer - – visual timers
 Task Coach - – free download
 Microsoft OneNote -
 Picture Planner – – free 30-day trial
 Scan Do! – - this app is in beta
 Inspiration – – free download available for 30 day trial
 Mindmeister – – mindmapping, brainstorming software
 AutisMate - – visual scene displays, visual schedules, video
 Abilipad - - app for writing
 Remember the Milk - – to do list, reminders
 Priority Matrix – App available for Apple, Android and Windows
 WriteOutLoud - - Talking word processor
 Ginger – – grammar check, auto-correct
 Readability – – removes graphics and ads from web articles
 Clearly – - removes graphics and ads from web articles
 Learning Ally – - organization that creates audiobooks

 Read & Write Gold – – literacy software for writing, reading
 Livescribe SmartPen – – these pens record audio as well as
written notes
 Dragon Naturally Speaking – – speech recognition software
 WordQ & SpeakQ – – word prediction and speech
recognition software
 CommunicatePA Wiki – – AAC Resources;
includes iTechnology - AAC
Genie- AAC Evaluation Genie is an informal diagnostic tool that is intended to
assist speech language pathologists and others with identifying skill areas
that relate specifically to the language representation methods commonly
found on augmentative communication system
 Mindreading – - software teaches people to recognize
facial expressions
 Social Skill Builder – – videos of social and school
 Social Stories – – “Social Stories” by Carol Gray, The Gray
Center for Social Learning and Understanding
Other Resources:
 Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) – - PATF
provides Information & Assistance about possible funding resources. PATF also has
several cash loan programs for the purchase of AT devices and equipment.
 ATConnects contains a directory of statewide AT Programs, and has a great deal of
information about AT.
 The Family Center on Technology and Disability provides a wide range of resources
on assistive and instructional technologies.
 National Public Website on Assistive Technology provides information on AT
devices and services.
 Assistive Technology Industry Association provides online AT Educational Webinars.
 Closing The Gap provides parents and educators the information and training
necessary to locate, compare, and implement AT.
 The mission of the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is to increase the use of
technology by children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations.
 The Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd) identifies evidencebased
practices for integrating instructional technology to support the achievement
of all students.

 Special Education Technology Practice (SETP) is an online newsletter about UDL
and AT.
 CAST is a research and development organization that works to expand learning
opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through UDL.
 Technology and Media division of the Council for Exceptional Children.
 Techmatrix contains assistive technology guides, topics, product comparisons, topic
information pages (e.g. Reading for Struggling Students)
 Several articles comparing different types of AT:
 APP resources
o – online searchable app database
o - series of articles
about apps
o Useful “wheel” design helps with identifying suitable apps -
This list is for information purposes only and does not indicate product endorsement.

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