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Assisted Living makes "Bucket List" wishes come true

Delaware Highlands Assisted Living resident, Richard Meints get his bucket list wish granted.
Delaware Highlands Assisted Living resident, Richard Meints get his bucket list wish granted.
Delaware Highlands Assisted Living

Delaware Highlands Assisted Living staff has been inspired by the blockbuster movie, “The Bucket List.” The Marketing Director (Susan Whitaker) and Activity Coordinator (Bobbie Scott) are determined to help DHAL residents check items of their proverbial bucket list with the formation of the “Bucket List Club” Susan Whitaker, “ Here at Delaware, adventures await every month, as we fulfill another bucket list wish. You never know where we’re going next.”

On February 7, 2014, Richard Meints’ bucket list wish to be “millionaire” was granted. Bobbie Scott, Activities Coordinator is quoted as saying “We just scratched our heads for a minute and thought how we are supposed to make that dream come true?” Well, with a little ingenuity and some great community support a plan was devised that did make Meints feel like a millionaire.

Meints along with some DHAL friends were treated to a limo ride, courtesy of Trinity Limousine Company in Kansas City, Kansas. And where you might ask did this millionaire want to go? Meints, “McDonald’s of course, just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I don’t like hamburgers.”

So it was off to the McDonald’s (1843 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS) with seven friends he went. McDonald’s staff greeted Meints as a true VIP. The staff along with the owner of this McDonalds’s location met us before we even stepped out of the limousine with gracious greetings and cheers. Meints was seated at a table decorated with balloons, staff joined us table side to take orders and each guest received at McDonalds’s T-shirts.

At the end of the day a very overwhelmed Meints was overheard saying, “I have always been a Millionaire, not because I have money, but because I have known true friendship.”

About Delaware Highlands Assisted Living – Located just west of the Kansas Speedway, Delaware Highlands Assisted Living provides affordable assisted living apartments for low to moderate income senior adults. We are committed to assisting seniors who want to maintain a rich and rewarding life with restaurant-style dining, medications administration, housekeeping services, exercise and wellness programs, and much more. Our retirement community is ideal settings for active seniors who want to focus on the things they most enjoy later in life, but who also need assisted living care.

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