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Assistant principal accused of cyberbullying after Facebook post goes viral

Photo gets assistant principal accused of cyberbullying
Photo gets assistant principal accused of cyberbullying petition

An upstate educator has come under fire after posting a photo to Facebook, WYFF4 News reported March 31.

Walhalla High School assistant principal Charles Fowler allegedly posted a photo of a young girl to his Facebook page on March 22. The photo showing a young girl was taken at the Seneca Wal-Mart, where the post read "Honey boo-boo at Walmart."

The photo for this article has blocked the 6-year-old girls face in order to protect her privacy. The original Facebook post wasn't so kind, and now parents in Oconee County are asking for Fowler's immediate termination.

A petition has been started on, where more than 1,200 people have already signed.

Family member Briana Smith spoke with Fox Carolina News saying

"I was very shocked to see it's my cousin. He wants to put a kid that's 6 years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that's not right."

Fowler is being accused of cyberbullying, and apparently shown no signs of remorse for the post. Parents who have children at the school are upset that a person holding such a high office should be discouraging derogatory remarks, especially on social media.

WYFF4 News attempted an interview today with Fowler, but was told he wasn't working. It's common for any school staff member being investigated to be placed on administrative leave.

At this time it's not clear whether Fowler has been placed on official leave, or whether he didn't want to face this situation.

It was learned during an interview with the grandmother of the girl in the post that the young girl refused to attend kindergarten today.

This should serve as a lesson that Facebook may get the poster into all kinds of trouble. Remarks that appear innocent have landed a fair share of posters in jail.

Be careful what you post, because once it's out there, it's there for good. Screenshots have a way of turning up, even when the original post has been removed by the person responsible.

How do you feel about assistant principal Charles Fowler? Should he be terminated, or is there a more suitable punishment that won't cost him his career? Please leave a comment below.

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