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Assessment of the 8th generation in video gaming

With the 8th generation of video gaming underway, the debate has been more about which is better, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. It has become more of a debate of two consoles but there is another one out there. It is the Wii U. It is interesting that Nintendo is being ignored in this debate. It becomes more of a question of which one is truly the best. After all, the three main companies have their respective consoles out and it is truly a matter of debate. Honestly, it’s a question that is always up for debate.

The Wii U shown with Wii Fit U
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Each console has its own variety of games and features. The biggest selling point of any video game console should be primarily focused on the games. After all, if it is a game console, doesn’t it make the most sense to have games that are available?

Nintendo has the successor to the Wii out in the Wii U. Given the success of the Wii, Nintendo had the advantage over both initially due to being out first. There is still the perception of being a “kiddie” console. It could be why it can be called the forgotten console. It has its own library of games and has some of the most known such as the Mario, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and other franchises to name a few.

Sony has created the PlayStation 4. It is the direct successor to the PlayStation 3, which didn’t do so well in the previous generation of video gaming. From the last generation, it seemed that it was a question of what the PS3 was intended to be but it seems that perhaps maybe they learned from it. As far as the games go, it can be on other consoles but that doesn’t mean ignore it.

Microsoft has the Xbox One. It would almost seem chronologically confusing considering that the previous console was the Xbox 360. A speculated name was the Xbox 720 because it was doubling 360 and it seemed like it was going to go full circle twice. It did not and it has the name the Xbox One. Halo is its biggest by far and does seem to have the perception of being an FPS console. Nothing wrong with those types of games but it seems to be a dominate trait.

Ultimately, to say which is the best console is merely a matter of opinion. There is no real answer that can be given. All that can be added to that would have to be just simply look at them and try them out. Every company has its fans but it’s all a matter of having good games. One can say Nintendo for example but it doesn’t make it fact.

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