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Assessing the August Primary

Assessing the August Primary. Wayne County voters continue to be swindled. They deserve some of the mistreatment for voting reelecting John Conyers after 50 years of blight and despair but showed some semblance of reason. They voted Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano out in no uncertain terms. Ficano barely garnered 5% of the vote. That five-percent who voted for him were his cabinet members and appointees.

Voting Ficano out of office was a step in the right direction but a baby step. They reelected John Conyers and elected, Debbie Dingell, who won her primary battle only because her husband, John, is retiring. He’s never had a real job in his adult life. Now he wants to retire after nearly 60 years in Congress. Ms. Dingell’s only qualification is having a husband old enough to be her grandfather. She will likely be favored to win the seat. With a congressional salary, she’ll be able to afford to hire an aide to wipe the oatmeal and prune juice dripping from her husband’s chin.

Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence won the 14th Congressional District. Lawrence is a mayor of an Oakland County city. The biggest portion of the district covers the East Side of Detroit. The district looks like a constipated Python. It ranges from shores of Lake St. Claire, through the East Side up through a narrow sliver of Oakland County. Somehow, thinking the residents of Farmington Hills have the same concerns as Detroiters living off Cadieux is hideous. The state canvassers who devised this district had to have the same condition as the Python.

The 11th District which envelopes the northern tier of the 14th District saw challenger David Trott defeat Incumbent Kerry Bentivolio. Trott lives in Birmingham, which is in close proximity to West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills. The 11th District includes Birmingham, Waterford and reaches down to Canton. Too much glad-handing was going on when these districts were drawn.

People get the government they deserve, self-serving politicians who will feather their bed. When only 18% of voters show up at primary elections, explains why incompetent and corrupt politicians are elected to office.

Final Thought: Governor Snyder showed real leadership. He observed the damage caused by the storms in the Tri-County Area. He didn’t shoot pool or play golf.

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