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Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski tours small business of the year

California Small Business Award
California Small Business Award
Photo courtesy of Hasteset Solutions, Inc., used with permission

Hastest Solutions, Inc. was awarded one of the 80 California Small Business of the Year 2014 Awards, representing Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski’s District 25. Hastest Solutions, Inc. are an environmental test chamber manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, that pride themselves on using local vendors, whenever possible, to manufacture environmental test chambers. A milestone for the Silicon Valley small business was the manufacturing of the three-storied Enironmental Wind Turbine Test Chamber built for the University of Maine in 2012, under the direction and supervision of Dr. Habib Dagher, director of the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center.

Don't Just Test Hastest It!
Photo courtesy of Hastest Solutions, Inc., used with permission

Hastest Solutions, Inc. have opened its doors to the various technology and environmental industries, colleges, universities, schools to tour their demo laboratory in support of the STEM agenda. Assemblymember Wieckowski received an exclusive tour of the Hastest Solutions Demo Test Laboratory, where he was given a demonstration of the Rain and Salt Fog Testing Chamber built for the United States Navy. “Hastest Solutions, is a growing company that is creating good jobs and providing state of the art testing facilities for its clients. Its growth and commitment to quality products add to our thriving regional economy.” Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, CA District 25

Hastest Solutions, Inc.’s tour with Assemblymember Wieckowski evoked lessons in the genuine necessity of environmental testing of components and materials from the clothes a person wears to military dust chambers in the Sahara Desert. It is an educational tour designed to attract and support the interests of science, technology, engineering, and mathematic intellectuals. Colleges and universities that have already taken the tour of the demo testing laboratory includes, Heald College, San Jose State University, and Unitek College. "Our country needs a larger tech-savvy workforce to maximize economic growth. We feel by opening our doors, especially in colleges and schools, we are creating the awareness necessary. The tours can give a hands on experience and spark an interest to possibly pursue a STEM field." VP Operations Aylia Rizvi, Hastest Solutions, Inc.