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Assault on US from southern border to explode with 'immigration reform'

U.S. Sen. Jeff Session, R-Ala., has some harsh words for both Republicans and Democrats, and Barack Obama, on immigration reform.
U.S. Sen. Jeff Session, R-Ala., has some harsh words for both Republicans and Democrats, and Barack Obama, on immigration reform.
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To be fair, U.S. immigration policy has been in dire need of revision for decades, although not in the manner that "immigration reform" proponents desire. The politicians who support such reforms want a policy that will lead to an explosive assault on the United States from the southern border.

U.S. immigration policy has been woefully unfair, too lax, and based on numbers that the economy and the society as a whole cannot sustain. Even with the current laxity of immigration, that is not enough for law-breakers who decide to illegally enter the country.

Even the current policies and procedures have led to an all-out assault on the country by illegal aliens who cross the southern border. Mexicans who march, chant and protest with the Mexican flag in our cities in the Southwest are doing nothing but demonstrate they do not belong here.

The borders are so porous that intel officials say, off the record, that Islamist terrorists have already taken advantage of the gaping holes along the border, both north and south, and are merely lying in wait for the best time to strike.

Yet Obama and Congressional Democrats, and Republican elitists, want to make it even easier for such an assault to continue. Such is the essence of "immigration reform."

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., stated Friday that the U.S. House of Representatives is the "last line of defense of American workers against amnesty."

And make no mistake about it, the type of "immigration reform" Obama and the elitists talk about is amnesty, pure and simple. And this does nothing but hurt American workers.

The Senate has already decided it is in favor of amnesty along with the Obama machine. But House Republicans are determined to prevent it, that is, the ones of the rank and file who still adhere to conservative principles.

As for the House leadership, elitists such as John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy are said to be ready to throw their support to the Obama plan.

And what is the Obama plan?

Sessions says,

...Obama and Senate Democrats have "uniformly embraced an immigration plan that would devastate wages and working conditions for millions of struggling Americans to benefit a small cadre of lobbyists and CEOs."

He added that their plan "doubles the flow of immigrant workers, adds another 30 million new permanent residents to compete for every job, and guarantees illegal immigration will continue permanently in the future." Sessions warned the House to not pass comprehensive immigration reform in everything but name only, which is what Obama has desired and Rep. Luis Gutierrez's (D-IL) has said his "Republican friends" do as well.

30 million new permanent residents to compete with Americans for every job. Doubling the flow of immigrant workers. All of which will guarantee that illegal immigration will continue permanently in the future.

The result? Plummeting wages for all workers as cheaper, unskilled labor descends on the country from the south.

Such shenanigans have an ulterior political motive as well. The election of Democrats to office. Illegal aliens invariably support Democrats for public office due to their support for the agenda of illegals.

The only remedy for this untenable state of affairs is for House Republicans to hold the line. Even if they must defy their elitist leadership. Even if they must defy the business lobby that supports the use of immigrant workers to save money. And most of all they must defy activists who believe that illegal immigration is a "civil right."

Sessions believes that House Republicans must make it clear they support struggling workers who are U.S. citizens, most of whom have been devastated by the economic crash of 2008-09.

And this is not to mention that immigrants from the south who came here legally, applied for citizenship according to our laws and statutes, and who wish to make a decent living here in our culture, will readily support politicians who are fair. Immigrants who obeyed our laws are just as angry with illegal aliens as the rest of us.

Sessions' proposal is a good starting point, but it is not enough. The United States must roll back the number of immigrants it allows into the country, recognizing that we have already crossed the tipping point that means it is impossible for the society to realistically sustain the number of immigrants that are already here.


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