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‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ upgrades the hidden blade to allow for ranged kills

Assassin's Creed Unity - The Phantom Blade
Assassin's Creed Unity - The Phantom Blade
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

In addition to advances in game mechanics and a new-gen engine, fans can expect to find improvements to the weaponry of Assassin’s Creed Unity as the setting for the popular Ubisoft franchise continues to move throughout different ears of human history. On July 22, the developer revealed on their official blog that gamers will no longer be restricted to only performing up-close kills with the hidden blade since the iconic assassin’s tool has been reworked in Assassin’s Creed Unity to include a mini-crossbow mechanic letting fans fire deadly blades from a distance.

While previous Assassin’s Creed titles have included a variety of ranged weaponry, this is the first time that the hidden blade itself has been redesigned to allow for silent, ranged attacks. To go along with the new feature, the device has been renamed in Assassin’s Creed Unity to the Phantom Blade to properly differentiate the weapon from its previous models.

Ubisoft explained that the improvements to the basic assassin’s toolsets aren’t intended to be simply a gimmicky gadget. Instead, it is meant to represent an evolution of the series’ gameplay mechanics to go along with updated systems for both combat and the franchise’s signature parkour style free-running that will be introduced in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

In addition to new gameplay features, the upcoming release will also feature graphical and engine improvements as a result of the new generation of hardware. Since Assassin’s Creed Unity won’t appear on last-gen platforms, the developer can focus entirely on utilizing the advanced power of the new consoles.

Assassin’s Creed Unity will launch only on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC later this year. The game won’t feature the competitive multiplayer mode that has been in the past several installments of the franchise since Ubisoft is instead focusing on adding four-player cooperative missions for the first time.