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Assad Accused of Using Chemical Weapons Once Again Despising US

On Thursday, President Assad in Syria was once again being accused of using Chemical weapons on his citizens. The U.S. warned that Assad must stop using weapons on his people and they must be dismantled or be faced with being overthrown by a U.S. led invasion. Because of Assad's defiance, an invasion in Syria and an overthrow of Assad's regime appears to be imminent.

But overthrowing Assad's regime may not be as easy as it seems as Assad's number one ally is Russia. Russia had warned the U.S. before when Assad used chemical weapons not to invade Syria, as this could spark a regional war throughout the Middle East. As a way to deter the invasion, Putin promised President Obama that he would personally oversee the dismantling of the Syrian chemical weapons.

The first time the issue came up that Assad may have used chemical weapons on the citizens was back in August of 2013. UN inspectors came in, took samples and determined that in fact chemical weapons were used. The U.S. and its allies were poised for an invasion that was only thwarted by a promise from Assad and Russia to dismantle these chemical weapon stockpiles, by June of 2014. With Russia promising to oversee the process, the threat of an invasion by the U.S. had been temporarily averted.

At the time the inspectors were going to Syria to test for chemical weapons, Assad appeared on public TV. He was doing an interview in an effort to appeal to the American public, stating that he was being falsely accused. He said he had no chemical weapons which later turned out to be false. President Assad and Putin did very little however to keep up with their end of the deal. It seems that a small amount of the chemical weapons stockpiles were proven to be dismantled.

But during the interview Assad was asked a series of questions. In one of these questions, he was asked why his army was blockading entire villages. He said in the villages where the terrorists were hiding, the army would use barricades in order to weed them out. The idea of barricading entire villages in order to starve out those who are against the regime, seemed to work as rebels gave in, joined Assad's army, in order that they and their families may live. Innocent citizens caught up in the situation however, were not so lucky as many died from starvation, disease and chemical weapon warfare.

As part of the agreement between Assad and for the US not to invade, the international community were allowed to come in bringing humanitarian aide in the form of much needed food and water supplies to the people. As the barricades were opened, people reportedly rushed into the street like a river to claim the first deliveries of aid. Grown men were reduced to tears at their new found freedom following months of desperation.

But the crisis in Syria is not over. The death toll continues to rise as Assad's forces continue to massacre the people. The death toll as of April 1, 2014, now standing at over 150,000 and growing everyday.

Because of the continued violence in Syria, more than 650,000 Syrians have fled to Turkey and over 1 million have fled to Lebanon. Wherever the rebels go, destruction by Assad's forces seem to follow. Bombs and gun fire is used on neighborhoods without regard to the people living there, leaving many homes and villages in ruins. Citizens who survive these bombing attacks by Assad's army become homeless. Those who are able to leave are forced out of their native homeland.

The problems in Syria have always been the beginning of Sorrows, as it was Russia first big move in an effort to enable and get its allies ready for the battle of all battles. So here we are once again facing a war with Syria that could trigger a conflict throughout the entire Middle East, which could lead to an all out regional war that could even lead to World War 3.

The tribulation hour is about to begin and Jesus promised that those who turn away from their sins and follow him will be saved from a nuclear devastation, famine and death. Ask Jesus into your heart and turn away from your sins. Get your heart right for Jesus today!

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