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Asperger Syndrome linked with suicidal thoughts, study suggests [Asperger Syndrome]. Retrieved from: [Asperger Syndrome]. Retrieved from:
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A recent study of 374 individuals published by researchers from the University of Cambridge found that those diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome were significantly more likely to experience suicidal thoughts. The disturbing data showed that those with Asperger Syndrome were even more likely than those with psychosis to experience suicidal ideation, with the former at 66 percent and the latter at 59 percent. Furthermore, those with Asperger Syndrome who suffered from depression were 4 times more likely than those with Asperger Syndrome but without depression to experience suicidal thoughts, as well as twice as likely to either plan or even attempt suicide. They also found that one's degree of suicidality was correlated with the severity of one's autistic symptoms.

Meanwhile, 35 percent of those with Asperger Syndrome had actually planned or even attempted suicide at some point in their lives. The researchers say that those with Asperger Syndrome are more likely to exhibit suicidal tendencies because of their struggles with unemployment, under-achievement, social exclusion, isolation and loneliness. This makes it clear that Asperger Syndrome, while oftentimes thought of in the public eye as a 'purely' or 'merely' social or interpersonal developmental abnormality, has crucially negative implications for one's quality of life.

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