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Aspen announces sequels, spin-offs, and source books at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Celebrating their 11th year in publishing, Aspen Comics announced their developing plans for the coming year at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The publisher that had a massive tenth anniversary celebration in 2013 is now setting their sites at big follow-up series to some of their biggest hits.

A looks at books currently in the works from Aspen Comics.
Siya Oum

Aspen's biggest hit of 2014 has been the launch of "Lola XOXO" by amazing writer and illustrator Siya Oum. The series has three issues released in the first volume but the publisher is so pleased with the book that they are going to be launching a second volume to the series in 2015. But before that there will be a spin-off series where Oum will provide the art with Aspen's Vince Hernandez doing the writing. The spin-off mini-series "Lola XOXO: The Wasteland Madam" will launch before the second volume exploring more of the post-apocalyptic future of the Lola. This is the first time Hernandez and Oum get to work together on a regular series.

In 2009, Hernandez and Frank Mastromauro created and introduced an original Aspen series "Dellec." Since the conclusion of the original six issue series the Aspen fans have been clamoring for more. In 2015, the second volume of "Dellec" will be released written by Hernandez and Mastromauro with art by Pasquale Qualano ("Executive Assistant: Iris"). It is the return of Aspen's leading heroes picking up on the cataclysmic events of the first series.

One of the biggest hits of Aspen's tenth anniversary line of books was the first of the ten books "Legend of the Shadow Clan." In 2015, writers David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven return to the family clan of ancient ninja warriors with art by Gieuseppie Cafaro ("Fathom: Kiani").

In very exciting news Aspen is going to to provide all the essential details on their most popular characters in a line of "Aspen Sourcebooks." These never before seen handbooks will tell you every thing you need to know about Aspen's top characters from "Fathom," "Soulfire," and "Executive Assistant: Iris." The line will be written by Hanibal Tabu ("Artifacts") and there are more source books in the works following the initial releases.

Aspen saw great success with their first foray into prose novels with J.T. Krul's "The Lost Spark," that they are taking what they learned and putting out their second novel, "Seven to Die" from T.G. Roberts. From the press announcement:

"Seven to Die" tells the story of Lex MacArthur, a San Francisco college student who comes into possession of an enigmatic clay pendant that unlocks a bevy of dormant superhuman genes. She’s stronger, she’s faster, and she’s on a mission to find out why. As Lex sets out to discover who she is and where she really came from, she comes face-to-face with Egil, a killer who has been tracking Lex her entire life. At the helm of an enormous operation to eradicate all of Lex’s kind, Egil captures Lex’s long-lost mother, forcing Lex to confront him head on and save those she loves from certain death.

Aspen is putting together an all-ages, kid friendly story for October ComicFest 2014. The free book "Fathom: The Adventures of Ernie" will be written by Hernandez with art by Agnes Grabowski ("My Little Pony"). In addition to the story, the book will feature a coloring and activity section.

Look for more information on all of these books as their release dates get closer. Be sure to check out "Lola XOXO" on stands now.

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