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Aspartame 'sweet poison' no more: EU's full risk assessment to assure consumers

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Aspartame is called “sweet poison” and it has also been called one of the more dangerous consumable substances on earth, but today the EU food safety agency doesn’t see any new health risk with aspartame, the sugar substitute, according to EU News on Dec. 10. The EU is the European Union Food Safety body.

The EFSA completed a full risk assessment of aspartame and finds that the sugar substitute is safe at the current levels of exposure. This is a step forward in strengthen consumer confidence when buying and using aspartame. The opinion was reached among the experts that aspartame is safe under current levels of exposure after a very detailed assessment.

This is the result of one of the most comprehensive risk assessments that has ever been done on the substance. The experts on this assessment panel concluded that the aspartame's current recommended daily intake of 40 mg/kg bw/day is protected within the general guidelines.

For people suffering with the medical condition PKU, this recommended daily intake of aspartame is not applicable. These patients need to stick to a strict diet which includes a diet low in the ingredient found in the sugar substitute.

This review used both animals and humans in their study and the EU assures consumers that aspartame is safe to use under the daily recommended guidelines.