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#AskThicke restores our faith in humanity


It's been a rough year for Robin Thicke. The singer has been under scrutiny from feminists since the release of his 'Blurred Lines' last summer. The album has been widely accused of objectifying women and promoting casual misogyny. Thicke's newest single 'Get Her Back' has also been accused of being emotionally manipulative and being a tool to publicly shame his estranged wife Paula Patton.

Yesterday, Thicke, who has somehow managed to stay oblivious to the turmoil, attempted to start a live Q&A session on Twitter, asking fans to tag their questions with #AskThicke. This turned out be a pretty bad idea on Thicke's part.

Twitter users lashed out with numerous questions, asking Thicke things like why he won't leave Patton alone, why he continues to promote misogyny and asking him when he'll just go away. The questions have been flooding in and most of them center around the issue of Thicke's continuing misogynistic behaviors and his ongoing degradation of women. One Twitter user ventured to ask how far the judge will make him stay away from Paula Patton.

The disastrous Q&A session was run through VH1, but after the catastrophe, it's a pretty safe bet that VH1 won't be doing any kind of PR work with Thicke in the foreseeable future. Thicke himself responded to the #AskThicke tag in general stating “I'm a big boy, I can handle it.” which is good because the jokes didn't stop and they only kept getting better.

The outcome of the #AskThicke tag served several very important purposes: it publicly called out a celebrity for their unacceptable behavior, it showed everyone that people aren't going to sit quietly in the face of misogyny and rape culture and it restored our faith in humanity in the most hilarious way possible. Once again Twitter put the spotlight on our evolving culture, highlighted positive generational differences and proved that this planet’s still got a chance.