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Ask two questions everyday

Largo Central Park
Largo Central Park
Linda Menkens

I ask myself the same two questions every day. The first one I ask is always... What can I do to help myself today? I then sit quietly for a moment to listen for the answer to come. I have gotten a variety of answers from clean off your desk--which was exactly what I got today. To answers like, eat early and go to bed, buy some healthy food, leave work on time today or just rest and do nothing.

At first I would write them down in a small notebook I carried around with me, but now I just remember the answers. Each day I tune into my intuition to discover what is needed most in my life.

The second question is even more important. What can I do today to help someone? The same process works here as well, I just take a moment to get still and it is really the first thing that comes to mind that I find someone is in need of that day. It can be a clear message like babysit your sisters' children, call your mother, to more vague answers like listen more, or show respect to a person that is not even known to me yet. Many times it is directed at my dog Shiloh and it might say to take her to the park or give her a bath.

There are times when I get an answer so vague that it says only to do what they ask and I will know it when it is happening. By asking how I can help someone each day I have set up a vibration that follows me through my day to look for ways I can help another person and that's just good karma.