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Ask Michael Q&A:Can strong orgasms actually become a health issue?


Photo By; Sherry Michael  'The power of Orgasm'


Ok here's my question and it may sound silly, but it is for real. Can orgasms be too strong?

Seriously. I am peri-menopausal and have always had men tell me I have the strongest orgasms they've ever seen. It's getting worse. I literally can't move after.

Example - I recently had a breakup. We had breakup sex, and after he said something that really pissed me off, I wanted to storm out of the house. It literally took me over 10 minutes to roll over, get dressed and walk out. I still couldn't talk and felt like a drunk. Can this be a health issue? Is this normal? Or should I just relax and say this is how it is. Thanks so much!

Tiffany -Denver CO.-


Everything you are experiencing is what I teach through “The Holy G-rail” G-Spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L- Lovemaking. Within this book I teach couples that there is a difference in the types of orgasm one can achieve, and how to find that elusive and most powerful release the G-Spot orgasm, which you have so eloquently described.

Here is the thing; there are many different types of orgasm, Clitoral, G-spot, Vaginal and/or Blended orgasms, and yes-even Anal. Each of these sexual areas seems to produce a unique sensation and type of orgasm. And naturally, each type can be stimulated, by a finger or hand, mouth, penis, vibrator, or some other object or mechanism. That is not to say that all orgasms must occur in or from those four regions. In fact, some sex research shows that women can experience that full-body orgasm or even feel their orgasmic peak from simply kissing or being in the moment (using their bodies and minds) during sex.

You my lady have found the key so many long for, and your quest whether consciously or not, has enabled you to unlock a door, and that door is to the G-Spot Orgasm.

As far as men telling you that they have not seen such strength in orgasms from the women they have been with, well… they are finally experiencing the reality of a true orgasm first hand. (Smiles)

Is it a health issue? Only if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and cannot escape quickly enough. (Wink, Wink)

Tiffany it’s time to sit back and relax, enjoy the power of the release, there are so many benefits to really being able to let go and release, You have achieved the ability to really experience your own body at its maximum overdrive, sexually and emotionally, now it’s time to find someone who can appreciate you for everything you have to offer!

‘May you and yours have wondrous and powerful relations, mind-blowing orgasms, and a love that prospers ever deeper in meaning and fulfillment this day and all-ways.’

-Michael Schuessler-

“Changing The World One Orgasm ~ At A Time”™

Michael Schuessler, author of the sex and sensuality classic, ‘The Holy G-rail', Please visit his web site, to see all the different forms of Michaels works of creativity.

If you have any questions, in the sensual or sexual arena of life please E-mail me. (Use an alias if you'd like to keep your privacy).

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  • 5 years ago

    I don't understand why bigger organisms are dangerous. How big can they get? You mean big we can actually see them without a microscope ?That's scary.

  • jealous in denver 5 years ago

    ok... I need to read more of your stuff!! :)

  • Sherri 5 years ago

    This is so so funny, I know that I am blessed because I have have experienced all orgasms mentioned. I am 40 yrs old and remember having my first orgasm at 21, so I've had a wonderful sex life(SMILING). Sex really is a mind thing, and we as women have to get to know our bodies.

  • Othniel Seiden, MD 5 years ago

    Smile ladies, you should look forward to becoming more orgasmic as you age, easier and stronger. Just lubricate! Read The Denver Senior Relationship Examiner!

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