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Ask for your dry cleaning "naked"

We have all started trying to avoid the plastic bags at the grocery stores, but what about the plastic bags that comes with our dry cleaning? New York alone discards more than 45 million plastic dry cleaning bags every year. Some say there are 300 million pounds of single use plastic dry cleaning bags clogging up the US landfills and threatening marine and wildlife.

Want to make a difference? Ask for your cloths to be "naked" the next time you visit the dry cleaner. Instead of covering them with plastic - bring along your own garment bag. I just found "The Green Garmento". This eco-friendly cover is a hamper, duffel and garment bag! I saw the reviews on it and had to try one. It is the most versatile thing I have ever seen. It holds 10-14 garments and has a shoulder strap and handles to make getting your clothes to the cleaner easier than ever. I have fought with nylon bags and collapsible containers for years. Now I have a system to hold the dirty laundry, get it to the dry cleaner and cover the clean clothes when I pick them up!


  • Maggie- New England Getaways Examiner 5 years ago

    I love this, and I don't even dry clean anything! Great find!

  • Pacific Heights Cleaners 5 years ago

    We have been offering reuable garment bags & hangers as well as Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning for years. Everyone should ask for this from there cleaners.

    Pacific Heights Cleaners
    your Certified Non-Toxic alternative

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