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Ask For Task Set to Dominate the USA

“Our launch into the USA marks a truly unique milestone for our company,” says Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO and co-founder of the online company.
“Our launch into the USA marks a truly unique milestone for our company,” says Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO and co-founder of the online company.
2014 Now

By Paul Fitzgerald - Americans now earn the right to become “askers and taskers”

AskforTask, the Canadian company who coined the global phrase “askers and taskers” in the online digital world, are upping the ante with their official launch into the USA.

Today, the Toronto based company, with offices right across Canada, announced they are soon launching south of the border, and their move into a market with a population of over 313 million people will certainly not go unnoticed. Presently they have a launch page where visitors can register their profiles, which will be included when the site goes live later this summer. They are now in the process of strategic acquisitions and raising Round A investment (they have raised $500,000.00 to date).

Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington, are the first wave of cities AskforTask will be launching in.

The co-founders, brothers Muneeb and Nabeel Mushtaq, unveiled their unique business venture only a year ago in 100 cities across Canada. In a short period of time Canadians have saved over $15 million with using AskforTask. They have over 120,000 plus active community members, and they have created over $4 million worth of jobs. Some of the popular tasks on their site include cleaning, delivery, and handyman. The site also has the same volume of “taskers” seeking work.

“Our launch into the USA marks a truly unique milestone for our company,” says Muneeb, CEO and co-founder of the online company. “What’s even better is that our initiative will create new and dynamic opportunities and jobs for the American economy. There’s no doubt about it, our USA platform will be a strong economic engine for millions of Americans.”

This launch comes at a perfect time as the bigger players in the market like Amazon and EBay are looking to jump into this $600-billion marketplace. And, one of the bigger players TaskRabbit has pivoted their business model from being an open marketplace to a more regulated platform which is drawing drastic criticism from their online community.

While competition is still slim in the market, AskforTask knows they will be a well-deserved hit with their expansion. The reason is simple: online job seekers and job posters want a platform that is trustworthy and efficient and AskforTask has been getting rave reviews for their intricate interface and simplistic and yet effective site that easily and quickly connects “askers and taskers” together.

Cluttered and unreliable sites like Craigslist may just become a thing of the past.

While AskforTask is widely credited for being so accessible, they also win big points on the monetary front. AskForTask receives 15 per cent from the “taskers” end and “askers” can post for free. The competition requires 20 per cent or higher for postings.

Muneeb and Nabeel drummed up the idea for their own odd job site shortly after they attempted to find a plumber to fix a broken faucet in their kitchen. After combing websites for hours they finally found a so-called handyman; however he performed a shoddy job if that.

This experience prompted the brothers to open up their own marketplace that is more trustworthy and reliable for job posters and job seekers alike.

Muneeb states, “We are thrilled to be providing our ‘asker and tasker’ service to millions of Americans in major city centres. Places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle – to name a handful – will like our platform and how it’s a win-win for everyone. ”

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