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Ask Dr. Graveline

Dr. Graveline is a former NASA astronaut
Dr. Graveline is a former NASA astronaut

Dr. Duane Graveline, retired NASA astronaut  and flight surgeon, has a very interesting website focused on statins, cholesterol and heart disease.  After his horrible experience with statin side effects, understanding cholesterol became a bit of a passion. His site is a great informational resource and he publishes a very helpful newsletter. 

The latest newsletter issue includes the following;

"Dr. Graveline is going to be answering questions for the site in a special interview. Special, because it is the readers of this newsletter that will be asking the questions. So simply submit your question ( or questions ) and a few will be selected and Dr. Graveline will give his answers in this newsletter in a week or two.

Questions can be on any topic from the site.

Make sure they are general questions, for as always, personal medical questions cannot be answered.

So send your question or questions for Dr. Graveline to
Put Question in the e-mail subject line."

This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about cholesterol, statins and heart disease. Don't forget to stop by his website to see if your question may already have been answered in his or his contributor's articles.


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