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Ask Dr BKW - Using short-range to long-range skills data assessment for pre-k

Children play and learn through assessments
Children play and learn through assessments

Administrators are asking that from original assessment data in each child’s folder show short-range to long-range skills assessment for end-of-year progression, but unclear how to do this effectively. The connection must be outlined to show the importance of what is being taught and why certain activities are planned to re-enforce skills.

Here are helpful steps to assist teachers in documenting and recording short-range and long-range data assessment.

  1. Conduct or gather assessment data from initial screening tool,
  2. Create a check-and-balance system or spreadsheet per child with column reflecting under each domain skills (e.g., language, cognitive, social) the child needs to work on ranging from short-range to long-range,
  3. Create a column for a for specific activities that the child needs to work on individually aligned to selected curriculum goals and objectives,
  4. Create a column to record date(s) whether or not child “met” skill(s) showing progression. If “not met”, review and record different activities that can be used with child with the hopes will be recorded “met”,
  5. Conduct mid-year assessment or original tool used to modify as needed skills needed to work on for the remainder of academic school year.

Remember, activities are planned based on assessment data teachers should implement individual or small group activities that results will be recorded either as “met” or “not met”. Data assessment is the key in driving instruction for written lessons to prepare children for school success.

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