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Ask Dr. BKW: Should EC businesses meet with EC professors?

The spring semester has concluded and the question was posed should early childhood (EC) professors meet with businesses that hire graduates ensuring required skills are proficient to perform job duties? Simply, the answer is “yes”, it is important that at least once an academic school year that the two (2) bodies meet to discuss needs from perspective employers ensuring that college coursework bring taught at the two- year and four-year institutions of higher education are covering information that can make real-life connections to why implement changes then share with parents of culturally developmentally age appropriate practices. With both groups communicating the stability of workers in job market will last longer reducing high employee turnover rate.

As the planning session starts, create a servlist of persons to invite, set a date, time and site convenient to participants, discuss the overall purpose, goals, rules/guidelines and other pertinent information to be successful. For example, it may be discussed that students enrolled in early childhood programs at institutions of higher education need to have more practicum experiences and/or internships that correlate with information discussed in class with hands-on knowledge for future discussions. From these experiences, the student can keep a journal recording activities, what worked well, changes to be implemented, and show a connectedness to theory and/or theorist in the field.

This summer a plan is set for people from both to meet in July either the 12th or 26th to start the conversation in Durham, North Carolina. If you are in being at the roundtable discussion contact via email at It is important to prepare early childhood professionals ensuring children are ready for successful productive citizens of society into adulthood. Knowledge is powerful!

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