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Ask Dr. BKW - how to create teacher portfolio?

A NC pre-k licensed teacher asked for information on how to create a teacher portfolio ensuring all of the required documentation was prepared when the evaluator came for the summative conference. This information is based on NC birth through kindergarten (BK) license and will differ depending on your state licensing requirements that you will have to align accordingly. Below is the outline of teacher portfolio content that will be placed in a notebook or complied electronically via approval of your evaluator. However, this will be based upon placing documents in a notebook.

  1. Purchase a notebook, section dividers and sheet protectors are optional,
  2. Label the sections (a) teacher license, (b) Standard 1, (c) Standard 2, (d) Standard 3, ( e) Standard 4, (f) Standard 5, (g) Annual Professional Development Log, (h) Reflective Journal and (i) Mentor Log, if applicable,
  3. Place required documents behind the labeled sections such as copy of teacher license under Section A,
  4. Remember when you start placing documents under the Standards make sure every element has at least one (1) artifact. For example, Standard 1 “Teachers demonstrate leadership” – Element B “teachers demonstrate leadership in the school” your documentations can be copy of professional learning community meeting agenda, summarized information discussed in your teacher reflective journal (dated), copy of school improvement plan presented to administrators, outline of school improvement plan to be implemented with target dates and so forth. NOTE: Always review the Standards requirement prior to placing in teacher portfolio and all documents being collected are dated,
  5. Record all trainings attended and/or presented on the Annual Professional Development Log then place certificate copies below the log,
  6. Write reflections in teacher reflective journal the minimum number of times per week, and
  7. Record multiple means of communication with mentor, if assisted one.

As you continue to create your teacher portfolio, hopefully the list above has given a clearer vision on the sections and information required. Remember, if in doubt always talk with your evaluator prior to the summative conference. It is always great to display works being done with students, families, colleagues, and community stakeholders at-large.

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