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Ask Dr. BKW - how to align standards to lesson plan

The pre-k teacher has the responsibility of writing a weekly lesson plan based upon state standards ensuring it is culturally developmentally age appropriate. In response to the question the reply will reference Creative Curriculum (CC) goals and objectives, Foundations (F) indicators and essential questions (EQ) but refer the Standards according to your state.

First, select the study theme topic for the lesson plan and materials needed for each day,

Second, fill in the different components on the lesson plan template that are culturally developmentally age appropriate,

Third, review the CC goals and objectives sheet, go back to the lesson plan (all components) and record aligned number (e.g., CC#6, CC#26) to written content,

Forth, review F indicators, then record alignment to all components on the lesson plan (e.g., F1.1, F3.4). NOTE: The CC and F alignments are recorded for all components on the lesson plan. This assist with assessing children’s abilities and if modifications are needed,

Fifth, the EQ is written on the lesson plan for the centers/areas (e.g., blocks, housekeeping) that will is related to study theme and planned activities for centers/areas. As children respond to the EQ, this is an informal assessment if information has been comprehended, evaluated and so forth, and

Sixth, at the end of the week evaluate the lesson plan CC, F and EQ written reviewing if overall goal/objective was met and/or if modification needed to incorporate for next week.

By incorporating these steps the lesson plan writing process becomes easier showing alignment to CC, F, and EQ required Standards to enhance study theme instruction. Remember, the Standards assist in guiding the overall lesson plan theme ensuring every child’s developmental level is addressed.

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