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Ask Amanda: What constitutes sexual harrassment?

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Ask Amanda, where you can ask any workplace or career question and get advice, feddback, and an outsider's perspective. Email your questions to . Today's question deals with the very sensitive subject of sexual harrassment.

r_gomez writes: I have a creepy co-worker who sexually harrasses me with her eyes. It's never physical or verbal. She stares at me and it makes me very uncomfortable. Should I confront her or go straight to management?

Dear r_gomez: Let me just say, I am so sorry you are going through this. No one should have to feel uncomfortable at work, and sexual harrassment is not acceptable. You should speak to your supervisor and explain what exactly is happening with this person. You need dates, times, and details to back up your claims. Without specific information, not much can be done. Once you have spoken to your supervisor, try to stay away from this person as much as possible. In an office, it can be hard to avoid people, but make the effort to avoid this person. If something happens, write it down and take it to your supervisor. Let your supervisor know that this is really affecting you and you will not stand for it. As they say, follow the chain of command. If your supervisor is not responding to your complaints, you should then take it to Human Resources or the appropriate Administrator. I wish you the best.

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