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Ask Amanda: Is Instant Messaging at work acceptable?

Welcome to the 3rd installment of Ask Amanda. You can send any and all work and career questions to and get advice, feedback, and an unbiased opinion. All topics related to the workplace are welcome!

Brown_Eyed_Girl writes: Is it professional to have Instant Messaging in the workplace? My co-workers used to get reprimanded all the time for IMing about personal matters.

Dear Brown_Eyed_Girl: This is a tough one. Some business actually use Instant Messaging as a communication tool for staff. As long as it's used in a professional capacity, it serves a purpose. However, if employees are using it to communicate about personal matters, it's probably not the best idea. The problem with electronic communication is that it is 100% traceable. If the workplace monitors internet use, there is a chance that management could retrieve those personal conversations, which would not reflect well on the employees involved. The same thing happens with email. Some employees don't realize (or don't care) that whatever they send and/or receive can be retrieved at any time for any reason. So, when it comes to Instant Messaging, if it's allowed, make sure it's work-related. If not, you could be put on the hot seat for having personal conversations on company time.

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  • Jay Dub 5 years ago

    My company now recognizes text messages as a means of acceptable communication. It all began when one very underperforming employee resigned via text. We accepted instantly!

  • Brwn_eyed_Girl 5 years ago

    Thanks amanda!

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