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Asiano Bistro Adds Banquet Room and Summer Sushi Specials

Asiano Bistro's new cucumber
Asiano Bistro's new cucumber
Image taken by the author

If the summer heat has made the family lethargic, and no one wants to cook, then Asiano Bistro (2618 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro; 288-8883) provides the answer for cooling off and filling up for an affordable price.

From now until Labor Day, the restaurant's sushi is on special for buy one roll and get the next roll at half price.

The Cucumber Roll ($8.00) is one roll that restaurant owner Huong Ni says that should be tried by even those who don't particularly like sushi. Ni suggests this roll because it is made with cucumber strips in place of the sushi rice and does not have raw fish as do some of their other selections. It is a great way to cool off and enjoy the fresh produce the summer months provide.

The crunchy cucumber, cooked crab, mango, and fresh avocado provide a great combination, and a change from the rice normally associated with sushi.

The bistro has vegetarian sushi, tempura rolls, classic rolls, like the California Roll, and their own signature rolls. Price for each roll ranges from $4.00 - $14.00. The rolls are not prepared ahead of time, but are only made as they are ordered.

One roll is very filling, but for the bigger eaters there are platters and samplers available ($15.00 - $50.00), but these are not included in the special summer price.

In addition to their Sushi special, Asian Bistro has converted some of its space into a banquet room that will seat 40 - 45. Ni said that the room is available for lunch or dinner meetings and there is no cover charge for the room.  They also have a smaller room that seats 10 - 12 that is available for more intimate lunch or dinner meetings.

The meeting space coupled with the sushi specials provides families, offices, and sales representatives a great place to get out of the heat for some fresh summer-friendly food.


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