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Asian representation on a singing show promotes positivity

Asian representation on television can generally go in either two directions: either there is a limit of how many Asians are allowed on each show or the Asian is used as comic relief. Grey’s Anatomy and Walking Dead are just a couple of examples of hit television shows that have their token Asian actor/actress and oftentimes the Asian community is grateful for this type of representation since the media usually uses Asian actors as their comic relief.

Alex and Sierra / Getty Images
Photo by Jesse Grant

While the media will shun and shame those that ridicule people of other backgrounds and nationalities, for some reason Asians are blatantly mocked to the point of it being acceptable to mass audiences.

This is most true for singing competition shows. While there have been some Asian Americans that have truly stellar voices like X Factor’s Ellona Santiago and American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez, not only do they not have the votes to make it to the end but they don’t seem to have the memorable aspect like the more negative representatives like William Hung.

William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs,” became so memorable and burned into the brains of so many Americans that he was actually able to release an album. It became an open ridicule to all Asian Americans that was simply accepted in society. However, with his fame dating back to 2004, there is a chance of redemption in the cast of X Factor 2013.

A duo, Alex & Sierra, stars a boyfriend and girlfriend that are gaining a huge fan base with many people foretelling them to win this year’s X Factor. Sierra has been open about her Vietnamese background, showing highlight reels of her close relationship with her mother. She opened up about her mother’s plight of having to flee Vietnam and even shared her love for Pho when her and Alex went on a date night for Vietnamese style soup.

Sierra seems to be the huge breakout star of the show, with judges commenting on how they love seeing her come into her own. Click here to see the latest performance that brought Demi and Kelly Rowland to tears through Sierra’s vocals.

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