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Asian Japanese kanji love symbol romantic valentine cross stitch free pattern

One of the three scripts used in Japanese writing, kanji, are Chinese characters which were first introduced to Japan in the 5th century by way of Korea. Each character has its own meaning and corresponds to a utterance. As such, the ideograms of kanji are graphic characters used to represent a word. For this design, the kanji for the word love is represented in a cross stitch pattern. Apropos for a valentine or other romantic occasion, the design is quickly worked and fits into a 5 x 7 inch frame.

Framed Kanji Love
Maria Merlino copyright 2014


14 count aida cloth in white cut a minimum of 6x8 inches

DMC embroidery floss one skein each : #666 Christmas red and white white

Embroidery needle size 24, it has blunt point and a large eye


Frame of choice with a size 5x7 inch opening

To download chart, *Right Click On Image
*Click Copy Image
*Open a Blank Word Document
*Paste Image onto Document
*Re-size to full page

To begin, find the center of the graph. Then find the center of your fabric. To easily do this, fold the fabric in half vertically and horizontally. Where it makes a corner, give it a pinch. When you open up the fabric, the pinch mark will be the center. Embroidery floss is made up of 6 strands. Pull out a 36 in length and cut. Use two of these strands to thread the needle. To start the stitching, insert the needle from back to front, leaving a one inch tail. Do not make any knots, but work the stitches over the tail to fasten it down. Cross stitches are worked in two parts. First make a row of half stitches that look like this:////////. Then go back and cross them with stitches that look like this: \\\\. When finished, the stitches will look like XXXX.

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