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Asian Dumplings make a great addition to light soups

Asian dumplings dress up simple soup
Asian dumplings dress up simple soup

Asian dumplings added to a light broth make for an exotic simple, restaurant style soup like you might find in Downtown Oklahoma City Business District dining. It is the kind of thing that would work well to surprise a sweetie for Valentine's Day lunch.

Probably any basic chicken broth or clear broth would work fine, however the soup in the picture has 2 qts of soup base remained from making a Thai Fish Soup.

HUH? So, the picture hosts a leftover broth. The broth in the photo is of shallots, lemongrass, chicken stock, Thai Fish Sauce ( an industrial sludge bottled concoction that makes sauces taste authentic, and it smells inedible, but is ok), garlic and the juice of 1 lemon and lime is cooked together and STRAINED to make this broth.

And again, probably any basic chicken broth or clear broth would work fine

To the 2 qts liquid in a medium sized stock pot

Add, 1 well washed and thinly sliced leek ( into the green part) which has been sauteed in butter or olive oil.

1/4 cup chopped white onions or scallions

1 cup of rice, seared in a butter or olive oil . Brown the grains in the pain until they just begin to turn golden. This gives a nutty flavor. This writer used Mahatma White. Brown might work as well, but will have to cook longer once it hits the pot.

Heat the stock and boil the above covered ingredients until tender.

All about frozen dumplings. Again the Super Cao Nguyen has the biggest selection of anything this writer is looking for that may be exotic. The freezer section of SCN has multiple brands of dumplings : chicken, veg or pork.

Dumplings are the equivalent of noodle dough, that is shaped in half moons around a serving of minced chicken, veg or pork. The uncooked, frozen dumplings can be deep fried, pan fried, steamed or baked in the oven with good results. Directions are on the bag in two or three languages. :) Since it is possible to pull one or two at at time, dumplings make decent snack, or addition to other dishes. Having a bag of dumplings turns out to be a pretty good buy.

This writer bought the pork dumplings initially because it was the item that appeared most purchased in the bunch. Your mama probably told you not to follow the crowd, but when dining out or buying foods,sometimes best choice is determined by considering what is actively popular.

Typically, this writer will pan fry the dumplings. The dumplings photographed were 10 dumplings, baked in the oven and then placed in the completed soup, where they became tender again. Baking seems to make them less fragile in the pot. They only need to sit in the soup until warmed through. Stir gently.

Just prior to serving, plate with chiffonade fresh Thai Basil ( this basil is purple and dark green, fragrant and leaves can be smallish), and sliced pickled ginger ( like you'd get with Sushi... it is ridiculously inexpensive) a healthy dash of Tamari and lemon if you like.

This soup would be great with small firm tofu chunks.

This soup freezes well, and even the garnish can be frozen into the dish, just reheat with care to keep colors lively.

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