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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ashley Wagner thanks fans after Olympic debut: ‘I am so proud’ (11 photos)

Ashley Wagner is pleased at her chance to compete at the Olympic figure skating competition in Sochi. Don’t take our word for it though, she gave America a shout-out and offered a big thank you on social media after her performance in Russia. With two grueling performances and a chance at the gold, the athlete comes home happy and healthy looking forward to her future. According to the USA Today on Wednesday Ashley Wagner was a long shot for the podium.

 Ashley Wagner of the United States competes in the Figure Skating Ladies' Free Skating at the Sochi Olympics.
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

“I am so proud to have had the opportunity to represent #TeamUSA tonight. Thank you. I can go home with my head held high!” tweeted Ashley Wagner from her official Twitter account. The young star wanted to make sure all her fans knew of her appreciation.

So where does an Olympic athlete go after competing in the biggest program in the world? Perhaps on vacation or maybe she will get the chance to speak to fans around the country. Ashley Wagner probably will get a few days off from training too. The athlete might even decide to take up another hobby.

Ashley Wagner showed American how it is to do your best and leave it all on the ice. She is definitely a winner in the eyes of every American and people can’t wait to see her back in the USA!

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