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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ashley Wagner talks Olympic figure skating scoring: ‘It’s not clear enough’

Ashley Wagner talks Olympic figure skating scores
Ashley Wagner talks Olympic figure skating scores
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Figure skater Ashley Wagner was named to the American Olympic team in a roar of controversy before the Sochi Olympics even started. The members of the US Figure Skating committee that choose the Olympic team picked the young athlete over several other individuals and the choice has many wondering if she belonged on the team. Fast forward to Friday on the Today show and Ashley Wagner has gotten so comfortable with her place on the team she is offering scoring advice for the figure skating world.

Yuna Kim declined to reflect on the figure skating scores on the Sochi ice. So did Adelina Sotnikova and Carolina Kostner. All of the medal winning ladies at Sochi are experienced skaters and they know the line between athlete and competition shouldn't be crossed. However Ashley Wagner, who hasn't been at the Olympics before, is weighing in on the subject like a professional.

“It’s not clear enough to the audience and it needs to be more fan friendly so that we can get a wider fan base,” said Ashley Wagner on the Today show Friday. As fans watched from America, it was obvious that the young skater really doesn't know her place.

That’s not to say America fans at home are the best critics for figure skating, but a young competitor talking scoring after a competition so uncool. While it is doubtful that judges would even consider her remarks going forward, the comments show a lack of maturity on Wagner’s part.

What should this athlete be talking about instead? What about her experience? Her hard work to get to Sochi? In fact anything but the scoring system would be fine.

Ashley Wagner needs to stay out of the figure skating scoring controversy. If for no other reason than for her reputation.

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