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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ashley Wagner spends quality time with mom before heading to Sochi (photo)

Ashley Wagner and her mom
Ashley Wagner and her mom
Ashley Wagner/Twitter

Ashley Wagner might have nerves of steel when it comes to the ice performing for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but the athlete is just a teenager. Before the big skate and her final flight to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the star took time away from the lights and camera to spend some quality time with her mom. Sharing the moment on Tuesday with the fans on social media, the mother and daughter were all smiles.

“Family dysfunction at it's finest! So nice having my mom come visit for a stop..Sochi!!” tweeted Ashley Wagner from her official Twitter account on Tuesday. Obviously the athlete was joking, but the time spent with the family had to be special. Looking to having a dinner date planned the two lovely ladies posed on a patio.

While Ashley and the rest of the figure skaters make their way to the Winter Games, the fans are sizing up the competition. Olympic figure skating is one tight competition and anything is possible when the athletes hit the ice.

Obviously having time with the family is important. Ashley probably needed the break and having someone who offers emotional support like her mom is a good reason to take time off from practice and enjoy a laugh or two. Fans will be watching closely when Ashley arrives at her next stop!