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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ashley Wagner reveals Mirai Nagasu offered Olympic support on ‘Today’

Ashley Wagner reveals Mirai Nagasu’s offered Olympic support
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The U.S. Figure Skating team drama started before the team even arrived in Russia. The athletes sent to the 2014 Sochi Olympics had a major upset when the athletes were picked when a controversial decision put Ashley Wagner on the Olympic team and left Mirai Nagasu watching the games at home. The decision was analyzed by everyone, but it sounds like the two athletes have moved on. According to the Today show on Tuesday, Mirai Nagasu has been in touch with her fellow competitor over the decision and the two are on good terms. Even Ashley Wagner spoke about it on a Today show interview.

“She said ‘you deserve to be on this team… I’m cheering you on… good luck’ so to have her support has meant everything for me,” said Ashley Wagner on the Today show Tuesday.

While the controversy might be behind the athletes, the fans are still trying to decide if Wagner deserved to be at the Olympics. The athlete will have to win over skeptics as she performs in Sochi and offer her best on the ice. Of course if she medals, the star will no doubt find love from the fans. However if she loses, there will be a lot of criticism over the decision.

The pressure has to be tough for Ashley Wagner. She knows the stakes are high and representing America with a controversy like winning her spot to the Olympics is tough. Will she do well? America will no doubt be watching to find out!

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