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Ashley Tisdale, Dierks Bentley ill; stars sick over the holidays.

Ashley Tisdale, Dierks Bentley have the flu: Chicken soup fighting the battle
Ashley Tisdale, Dierks Bentley have the flu: Chicken soup fighting the battle
Ashley Tisdale / Twitter

Ashely Tisdale looks extremely tired in her latest post on Instagram on Sunday. The entertainer is fighting a cold and doing all that she can to get well. Apparently she isn’t the only entertainer who isn’t feeling 100%. As the celebrities get back to business, there are a few famous folks who might not make it to work on Monday and it has nothing to do with the weather. According to the The Inquisitr the Swine Flu has hit 25 states. Celebs are not immune to this flu.

“Relaxing day today, trying to get over this cold,” tweeted Ashley Tisdale from her official Twitter account. Showing her relaxed day with a shared photo, she looked great for being so sick. “It's a movie room kinda day.”

Ashley Tisdale isn’t alone. Apparently Dierks Bentley had been sick over the holidays too. The entertainer shared that he was on antibiotics, but so far his infection was persisting.

“Antibiotics and steroids no match for this lingering sinus infection ... switching to missiles,” wrote Dierks Bentley on his Who Say account. Obviously the country music singer was joking, but the star had to be frustrated that he still was sick. It sounds as if the sinus infection was winning the battle in this health war.

The flu has been reported all over the United States. Known as H1N1, people are encouraged to wash their hands to keep from contracting the illness. With so many cases reported, it seems that the stars are not the only ones getting sick, regular people are too!