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Ashley Salazar suffers a miscarriage

Ashley Salazar
Ashley Salazar

Ashley Salazar, star of the TV reality show "16-and Pregnant" received devastating news. She and her boyfriend Justin Lane were anxiously awaiting for the birth of their second child. During a check-up with her doctor, she was told that her pregnancy was not viable. She was going to have a miscarriage. In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, she tells them about the heartache she and Justin went through.

She relates that she knew something was wrong when she went to the doctor for her eight week checkup. The doctor told her that she was measuring at only six weeks. The doctor explained that Ashley had suffered from a “blighted ovum.” Apparentlly Her stomach continued to grow, but she no longer had an embryo inside her. The baby stopped developing.

“The doctor told me I was going to have a miscarriage and that there was nothing I could have done to prevent that. They said that 50% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage.”

She made the decision to undergo a D&C procedure. She said, 'I was kind of scared, but they put me under and I was comfortable the whole time,' Ashley told Radar. 'There was no pain whatsoever, and I didn’t bleed for long at all.'

Four years ago, Ashley gave birth to a healthy baby girl who she named Callie. At that time, she had to make the hard decision to give her child up for adoption. However, Callie is kept in the family because Ashley's aunt adopted her.

The doctor Ashley that she could try for another child in a couple months after she has healed.

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