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Ashley Broad, 'Hardcore Pawn,' eats and cooks only gluten-free foods

Ashley Broad from “Hardcore Pawn” loves to cook. Whenever a cooking item enters the store, Ashley is the one who likes to wheel and deal on obtaining the item for the store, or her own personal stash. On January 28, 2014, Zap2It published an interview with Ashley on one of her favorite subjects, cooking, and going gluten-free.

Ashely Broad TruTV

"Here is my routine," Ashley told Zap2It. "I work five to six days a week. I prepare all my meals on Sundays. I don't believe my kids should be eating out all week; once a week is fine. I marinate and freeze them. I take them out, and when I come home, I throw on the grill or oven. I don't fry any of my food. I grill or put it in the oven."

When Zap2It asked what Ashley’s favorite cooking item is, she told them that she loved grills. However, her list broadened to include china, cutlery, antique silver, pots, pans and even a rotisserie oven.

Ashley has suffered from migraines since the age of 12. Last year, she changed her diet to be completely gluten-free. She now reads food labels and cut out everything that contained rye, oats, barley and wheat. She didn't say whether her new gluten-free diet eliminated the migraines, but the star did say that she has tried everything from acupuncture to pills to end her suffering from them.

Ashley is a mother of two. With her work schedule at Detroit pawnshop, American Jewelry & Loan, the TV show, “Hardcore Pawn” speaking engagements, and attending jewelry shows, Ashley doesn't have much time to come home and cook, but she believes in giving her family healthy home cooked meals.

"Hardcore Pawn" is in it eighth season on TruTV. Be sure to watch the antics of the Gold family at 9:00 p.m. central time. Viewers never know what can come through their doors, or what fight Seth and Ashley will have this week. Good thing they have their dad, Les, to break the two siblings apart and set them straight. Mix that with the crazy antics of their customers and you have a show that draws you back every week.

Check out more of Ashley's recipes or food ideas on Pinterest.

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