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Ashlee Frazier apologizes for Clare Crawley treatment on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

TV personality Clare Crawley attends ABC's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Premiere Party held at Mixology101 & Planet Dailies on August 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jesse Grant

Ashlee Frazier is hardly coming off as a confident and genuinely nice woman on "Bachelor in Paradise." Already in the premiere episode, she came off as jealous, controlling and insecure when she put her claim on Graham Bunn and meanly said that Clare Crawley wasn't even that pretty when she felt threatened by her.

Viewers saw an even uglier side of Ashlee on Monday night's episode when she basically said that Clare was promiscuous and then got frantic when she realized that her mean-girl behavior had been caught on camera. Ashlee wants everyone to know that she regrets what she did. "Not my proudest moment. Sometimes we all wish we could rewind. I'm sorry," she tweeted on Monday, August 25, as the episode aired.

Unfortunately for Ashlee, it seems that the viewers aren't buying her apology. Most of the replies to Ashlee's tweet was critical of her. Several wrote that she's only sorry that she got caught. Others wrote that Ashlee's ugly personality must be the reason why she's still single. Ouch!

Viewers have seen Clare enjoy a romantic connection with Zack Kalter ever since he arrived to Tulum. During what she thought was a private chat with Zack in a bedroom, Ashlee warned Zack that Clare was "cuckoo" and reminded him that "she (expletive deleted) a guy in the ocean," a reference to her time with former 'Bachelor' star Juan Pablo Galavis.

Once Ashlee realized that her chat with Zack was actually caught on camera, she tried to do damage control, admitting to the other women in the house that she said something that she shouldn't have. Lacy Faddoul didn't find what Ashlee did so innocent and so told Clare, resulting in a showdown between the two women.

Once Michelle Money told Graham, who does not like drama and catty behavior at all, what Ashlee did to Clare, that pushed him further away from Ashlee. Monday night's episode, the first of a two-night special that continues Tuesday night, left off with Graham walking out on Ashlee after she offers him a rose at the rose ceremony. Followers of "Bachelor" spoiler website Reality Steve already know whether there's still hope for Ashlee and Graham.

As for Ashlee Frazier and Clare Crawley, don't expect to see them hanging out together as friends. In a Boston Herald article, a source revealed that the women have not spoken to one another ever since "Bachelor in Paradise" ended. The source also said that Ashlee doesn't really regret what she said since she genuinely believes that Clare has "questionable morals."

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