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Asheville Distilling Co. brings heirloom moonshine to the Jacksonville market

Troy & Sons Platinum
Troy & Sons Platinum
Photography courtesy of: The Baddish Group

Some of our readers may have heard about Asheville Distilling Co. and their Troy & Sons moonshine whiskey, since it was featured on the Today Show in May of 2014. For those who don't know, Asheville Distilling Co. is based in Asheville, NC and produces quality spirits like Troy & Sons Platinum heirloom moonshine, Troy & Sons Oak Reserve Moonshine Whiskey, and Blonde Whiskey. Some may envision moonshine as a low quality liquor. In fact, Troy Ball, founder of Asheville Distilling Company had the same impression when she first received moonshine from her neighbors.

Troy moved to North Carolina in search of more favorable weather conditions for her two sons who have a metabolic disease that impacts mobility and breathing. Upon arrival, Roy received mason jars full of moonshine as housewarming presents. Troy comments it is customary to give such gifts, but that "most of the time it was the most rotgut, terrible stuff you would never want to drink." Luckily, her friend let her in on the secret that the neighbors keep the quality moonshine for their own consumption. When she eventually got a chance to try the good moonshine, she realized it was much better. Troy, who is often called "Moonshine Mom", then proceeded to build a still in her garage from a 5-gallon pressure cooker. This has since grown to the 5000-liter still now operated at Asheville Distilling Co.

Since moving to North Carolina, her sons are in better health and her business is thriving. Troy & Sons whiskey uses the only the middle products of the moonshine distilling process and disposes of the beginning and end of the process, which can result in the lack of smoothness and smell sometimes associated with moonshine. The result is a smooth moonshine whiskey that many of our readers may now be able to enjoy in local Jacksonville restaurants and bars!

Asheville Distilling Company offers the following:

  • Troy & Sons Oak Reserve Premium Aged Whiskey: This whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels to mellow the taste and bring out the caramel and sweet white oak flavors. The color is light amber with smells of pineapple creme brulee, spiced pralines, chocolate toffee, mocha, pepper, and charcoal on the finish. The Oak Reserve is intended as a light whiskey for sipping or mixing in cocktails. It was awarded the Silver Medal at the International Review of Spirits Award in 2014.
  • Troy & Sons Ultra Platinum White Aged Whiskey: According to Troy & Sons, this is the "first true American Moonshine". With this whiskey, Troy wanted to honor the moonshine making traditions of moonshiners from the Appalachian Mountains. Troy & Sons is the only producer in the world using Crooked Creek Corn for its spirits and the character of this corn shows forth in this liquor. This clear liquor features smells of toasted fruit cake, molasses and tastes of delicate peach and plums with peppery spire, sweet cream and mineral.
  • Blonde Whiskey Ultra Premium Aged Whiskey: Made with rare heirloom and locally sourced Turkey Red Wheat and White Corn, the Blonde Whiskey has a copper color and represents a new style of American whiskey. This liquor is aged in honeycomb medium charred oak barrels, which results in a smooth and drinkable whiskey. Tasters will note a Bananas Foster aroma with hints of praline, charred wood and a chocolatey finish.

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