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Asheboro Police are investigation an armed robbery

This is the current shoulder patch that the Asheboro Police wear on their uniforms.
Asheboro Police Department

The Asheboro Police Department is investigating an armed robbery, which occurred at a local business. Two armed men got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. The business name is the Lucky Draw and the alarm was received from a panic alarm. No descriptions were given of the suspects. The report did not indicate if the store clerk Tai Pham-Williams was harmed.

You can read about this robbery as well as other crimes and arrest from the police department from this link. The reports and arrest reports have been edited and some information has been redacted to remove some confidential information. I am not responsible for redaction of information. As a reminder, just because someone is charged with a violation of state law that does not mean they are guilty of any crime. If you should have any questions about the reports, you should contact the police department.

There were 7 incident reports released and 4 arrest reports released for a total of 11 reports. One report was redacted due to the confidential nature of the entire report. The report that was redacted about a medical condition of an individual and it contained medical information of that individual.

According to the Asheboro Police Department website they employee 78 sworn officers and 7 civilian employees. The acting Chief of the police department is Ralph Norton. Acting Chief Norton started his career at the police department in 1988.

The City of Asheboro is centrally located in the State of North Carolina in Randolph County. It has an approximate population of 25,000 citizens.

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