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Ash Wednesday

A woman being marked with ashes as a sign of repentance for Ash Wednesday.
A woman being marked with ashes as a sign of repentance for Ash Wednesday.
AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent.

On the Christian calendar, Lent is the season of repentance that is observed for 40 days before Easter. This high holy season is observed in many Christian denominations and orginated as early as the 5th century. During this forty days, Christians remember their need for salvation- both for sin and mortality- by some form of fasting. Many Christians give up some pleasure for the season of Lent, rather than fasting from food. Others observe the traditional Catholic feast of only one full meal a day for the forty days. Still others engage in more rigorous prayers and spiritual disciplines during this time.

However Lent is observed, Ash Wednesday marks its beginning. Services will be held all over the Garland area inviting worshippers to recognize their own mortality and sinfulness. In accepting the mark of ashes on the forehead, they wear an outward sign of the repentance they are experiencing. 

At First Christian Church of Garland, an Ash Wednesday service will be held this evening at 7pm.

At First Presbyterian Church of Garland, worship and communion will be this evening at 7pm.

St. Philip's United Methodist will also commemorate Ash Wednesday at 7pm.

Peace Lutheran Church will hold Ash Wednesday services at 7pm.  

Prince of Peace Catholic Community will hold mass at 9am, noon, and 7pm.

However you spend this Ash Wednesday, may your heart be drawn into the living presence of a loving God.


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