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Ash Comics Show Sunday, February 21st

Missing a back issue? Looking for a specific graphic novel or trade? What about an action figure? Look no further! On Sunday, February 21st, Ash Comics and Shows will be coming to the Ramada Inn (formerly the Holiday Inn Indianapolis-East) from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Gathered there will be approximately 10-15 vendors and retailers from all over the state of Indiana as well as some from throughout the Midwest and farther. The Ramada Inn is located at 6990 E. 21st Street just west of the intersection of E. 21st Street and N. Shadeland Avenue. If you need directions, you can visit Google maps here.

Admission into the show is $4, but there are two ways you can lower that price. Your local comic book shops, Downtown Comics, Comic Carnival, and Dee Puppy Comics, have flyers in their stores advertising their next show. Just bring one of those flyers to the Ash Comic Show and you will get in for only $3. To lower the cost even more, go to their website, click on the “register” link, print and fill out the registration form, and bring it to the show and get in for only $2!

If you are looking for a specific trade, back issue, statue, DVD, or toy, visit their “Want/Need/Gotta Have It” Forum, post the wanted item, and if it is available, one of the retailers or vendors will respond and the item could be waiting for you to pick it up at the February 21st show.

Not able to make it on February 21st? Try and catch one of their next shows on Sunday, April 25th or Sunday, June 27th at the same Bat-time and the same Bat-Channel (a.k.a. the same Ramada Inn from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM).


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