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Ash Armand’s Sexoirs of a Gigolo debuts on Amazon

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You see him on television every Thursday night on the hit cable series, Gigolos, and now you can invite him into you bedroom for a little one-on-one alone time every other night of the week. Vigliano Associates presents Sexoirs of a Gigolo: Ash Armand, a series of short, true erotic tales from Showtime’s most zen gigolo, Ash.

The eBook is a first for Ash and comprises a very interesting dichotomy of stories that best represent who he is and how he approaches life. The first tale, Ride to the Break of Dawn, is a story about the love of his life. The second, Beyond the Labyrinth, is a peek into a surreal encounter with a regular client, and the third tale, Dreamlandia, is about a hot one night stand.

“I wanted to show all the different dimensions of who I really am; I’m not just an escort.”

We ladies already know Ash is gorgeous, sexy, and a soft-spoken gentleman, but this eBook shows another side of him; poet. The stories are not actual poems, but are written in such a way as to pull readers into the scene through all five senses. There’s a great attention to detail that woman can appreciate as he takes the time to address visuals, scents, tastes, textures, and sounds. It’s a revelation of the kind of lover he presents to be and that alone is seductive enough to have women hoping he will decide to write more erotica in future. Readers also become aware of just how intelligent and well-traveled he is having grown up in Japan (Japanese is his first language), and having lived in and visited many countries. Read more about Ash in “Meet the New Gigolo! Ash Armand Adds a Touch of Exotic to the Cast”.

Ash shares “One of the producers named Jay – his good friend owns the (publishing) company, and he was thinking about doing something with us so he started contacting Jay who contacted Garren (James of Cowboys 4 Angels) about it and we said “Okay, let’s do it.”

“It” was a writing contest between the gigolos in which only Ash, Nick Hawk, and Bradley Lords ultimately decided to participate resulting in an individual “Sexoirs” eBook from all three. Although the show didn’t reveal it, Ash says he actually won that contest.

In addition to the experience of Ash’s tales, you may also find yourself learning a new word – a very “pretty” word that means either vagina or womb. “Yea, - yoni- It’s a Hindi word – comes from Sanskrit – “lingam” is the male and “yoni” is the female.”

When asked if he might be gifting the female population with more written erotica, Ash shares “Well, the whole thing was an experiment to see how people would respond to it.” As can sometimes happen, last minute changes in the show changed the dynamic. Then, two of the five decided against writing a short story. “It was supposed to be all of us submitting twenty pages so there would be one hundred pages – to get a little bit of each of us.” It was at that point that the publisher changed direction and said they would publish each out as separate books.

Reviews from fans on the Sexoirs prove that they are not complaining at all about three individual books versus one single book.

“I just want to see what the response is, and if the response is good, I have tons of inspiration.”

So what do you ladies think? More erotic tales from Ash? Check out his eBook on here, and leave a comment below to let him know your thoughts.

Follow Ash on his website, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Special thanks to Ash Armand for sharing his new venture and taking the time for this interview.

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