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Ascend the ice wall at 'Game of Thrones' The Exhibition during SXSW

Attendees experiencing the fully immersive virtual reality of the Ice Wall from "Game Of Thrones."
Attendees experiencing the fully immersive virtual reality of the Ice Wall from "Game Of Thrones."
With permission Kevin Hannon / KaBoom Entertainment

While thousands swarm up at the Austin Convention Center for SXSW, just down the street at the Austin Music Hall is “Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition” where fans can get an up-close and personal view of many of the show’s props, including the infamous Iron Throne now through March 11th.

There are about 10 separate installations featuring costumes warn by principal cast including “King Joffrey,” “Tyrion,” “Jon Snow,” and many more. Some of the more notorious prop pieces include the pin wore by “The Hand” (of the King), the necklace of finger bones warn by “The Onion Knight,” and even the decapitated head of one of the Dire Wolves. If you take your time at the exhibit you will see many hand crafted artisan pieces of jewelry, weapons, maps, and letters created specifically for the show.

The show stopper at the exhibition is the fully immersive virtual reality experience that gives fans the incredible opportunity to actually experience what it feels like to ascend the 1,000 foot ice wall that separates the "North" from the "South" in the HBO show. An event person helps fans don an elaborate head piece that encases the person's vision and hearing, transporting them to the mythical world of Westeros. Once the gear is on, you need to hold onto the rail to steady yourself, it's that believable. Then it begins, you feel as if you are inside of the steel elevator ascending the side of the ice wall. A cool wind blows on you enhancing the effect. Once you reach the top, you step out, on top of the wall and walk to the edge with a view of the icy world. With the wind blowing and a war brewing you can guess what happens next. It's an exciting few minutes to experience. Well worth stepping out of SXSW to check out, and it's free to the public. No badges needed.

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