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Asbury Park men charged with animal cruelty of two dogs with massive bites

Dog fighting is part of a culture of violence. Please help to stop this heinous "sport" by reporting all suspicious activity.
Dog fighting is part of a culture of violence. Please help to stop this heinous "sport" by reporting all suspicious activity.
Monmouth County SPCA

Kourtney Blackmon, 32, and Ahlonzo Miller, 33, of Asbury Park, N.J. were additionally charged on Tuesday with "causing animal abuse procuring through the use of another living animal" reported Wednesday's

According to Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (SPCA) Chief Law Enforcement Officer Victor "Buddy" Amato, of the two pit bulls rescued named Lou and Plex, one dog presented with "massive bites all over the body." The other dog was full of scars. There was no food or water available for the dogs.

On Sunday, Blackmon and Miller were each charged with animal cruelty for improper shelter and failing to provide care.

One dog is estimated to be near four-years-old, and the other dog is listed as two-years-old. Both dogs are expected to need extensive socialization and are now being given veterinarian care for their wounds and injuries.

Last year the New Jersey SPCA investigated 20 dog fighting cases, but since the heinous "sport" is so secretive, many will go unreported and unnoticed. Dogs are pitted against each other and often fight to their deaths; dogs that lose are commonly beaten, electrocuted, drowned or hanged.

The NJSPCA encourages citizens to pay attention to the following and report all suspicious activities:

"Be our eyes and ears. Look for anything suspicious, call it in and let us handle it. Here are some things to look for:
A house with a large amount of visitors all through the night
A neighbor with a large of amount of dogs
Dogs with fresh and old wounds/scars, mostly to the face
Tools of dogfighting:
Treadmills (used to train dogs for endurance)
Tires hanging from trees (used to train dogs to bite, rip and tear)
Break sticks (used to open dogs' locked jaws)
Literature (dog fighting magazines, journals, etc."

The investigation on the case continues. Please be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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