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Asakawa: "English changed my life"

Japanese voice actress Yuu Asakawa poses for the press after a press panel at Anime Boston on Saturday.
Lori Ingham/

For Japanese voice actress Yuu Asakawa, her biggest challenge comes from learning a new language.

Asakawa, who has become a popular actress in such properties as the “Fate” series, “Vocaloid,” and “Azumanga Daioh,” said that she was inspired in middle school to study English after having a “really nice” English teacher, and said that being able to provide vocal samples for her Vocaloid, Luka, was good training for her English skills.

“English changed my life,” she said.

Asakawa said that there was an English conversation teacher who helped her out with her English during the recordings, and that she loves Luka so much that she hopes that she becomes really popular.

“I hope she becomes more popular than (Vocaloid) Hatsune Miku,” she said.

Asakawa, who writes on her Twitter and Facebook accounts in English, said that she finds writing in this format good practice for her, as well. But she also said that writing in English has also helped her with connecting with fans outside of Japan.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “People in Finland, England, United States know who I am. I still can’t believe it.”

Asakawa said that one of her favorite things was going to conventions that weren’t connected to anime, such as ComiCon, where it’s all about American pop culture. She said that it allowed her to experience what Americans liked so that she can relate better to her fans.

“When I am talking, I want to talk about what is popular in the US so I can entertain my fans,” she said.
Asakawa said that her introduction to television show “The Walking Dead” was through her visit to ComiCon New York, where she saw banners and other advertisements for it. She said that when she went back home she sat down and watched all the episodes.

“Now I’m a big fan of it,” she said.

Asakawa said that the main difference in Japanese anime fans and American anime fans is that she felt that Japanese fans are more focused on making their characters more accurate to what is in the show, while American fans like to do their own personal touches to their cosplays, such as a sexy lady version of No Face from “Spirited Away.”

“America really is the land of the free when it comes to cosplay,” she said.

Asakawa can be heard this year as the voice of Jess Beckham/Issac Newton in “Nobunagun,” and as Love Topaz in online card game “Ring Dream.”

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