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Asa Butterfield of ‘Hugo’ gets star role in ‘Ender’s Game’

Asa Butterfield to star in new Sci-Fi film 'Ender's Game'
Asa Butterfield to star in new Sci-Fi film 'Ender's Game'
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Asa Butterfield, star of Martin Scorcese’s blockbuster hit Hugo, has officially snagged another starring role for himself in futuristic Sci-Fi flick Ender’s Game -- winner of both the prestigious Nebula and Hugo awards.

TheWrap confirms that Butterfield will portray the role of protagonist “Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin” in the winner-take-all battle of man versus aliens in Orson Scot Card’s novel brought to the big screen.

On Tuesday, the 14-year old actor used Twitter to tell fans, “Now that I've real eased all my pent up emotion, I'm going to talk a wee bit more civilized. I have just booked Enders Game."

Both Harrison Ford and Viggo Mortensen were rumored to be eyed for the film when the project was dropped by Warner Bros. in 2009 – before being picked up by Summit Entertainment earlier this year.

So far, co-stars selected to portray “Achilles de Flandres," the Wiggins family, or “Jeesh” crew have not been announced --however Gordon Hood (X Men Origins: Wolverine, Rendition), has been selected to direct.

Did you know? "Ender’s Game" was originally published as a short story in the August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

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