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As Young As You Feel Day 2014: Celebrate this holiday for all ages this March 22

Today is As Young As You Feel Day everywhere
Today is As Young As You Feel Day everywhere
Photo File, Mariella Frostup (Guardian)

As Young As You Feel Day is here this 2014, and this unofficial holiday — celebrated annually every March 22 — is a great time for people of all ages to look and feel young again. A day to look back on the past and lose one’s inhibitions, As Young As You Feel Day serves to remind all people that for many, age is but a number. Days of the Year News reveals new information on this noteworthy date and updated ways to celebrate the time this Saturday, March 22, 2014, from dressing up youthfully to simply thinking with a fresh mindset.

Although many important and traditional holidays are honored throughout the year, As Young As You Feel Day is a special one for those who think their greatest years are behind them. People of all ages can enjoy this unofficial March holiday, but it is likely most fondly celebrated by those who live in relative good health yet believe they are limited in the ways they can currently behave due to societal or age-related restrictions.

Use this 2014 to rebel against that authority, then, and make the most of the well-known saying, “Carpe Diem” — seize the day. On As Young As You Feel Day, all are encouraged to remember that we must cherish each day as our last, and be aware that we must work every single day to enjoy our loved ones — and ourselves.

There are several fun and lighthearted ways to celebrate As Young As You Feel Day 2014 with some pomp and circumstance. Do you miss those days when you were young and had that now out-of-style hairdo, or perhaps wore those clothes that now make your children and grandchildren look back on photos and laugh? Reflect and pull them out today! Do something with your family and friends you used to when you were younger, whether it be a drive-in movie or simply a long walk down by the river.

But perhaps most importantly this March 22, we can celebrate this holiday by reminding ourselves that while age certainly does take its toll, it is still possible to stay young, happy, and clear-headed in our hearts and in our minds. So whether it’s making a snack that you enjoyed in your youth or simply looking back contentedly on the days of the past, remember this 2014 to honor As Young As You Feel Day with those you care about most!