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As we witness the thousand year spectre of Fukushima Diiachi in its infancy...

Fukushima Daiichi by Max Peintner, 2011
Fukushima Daiichi by Max Peintner, 2011
Max Peintner, 2011

Of note in the “I told you so” department, it has now been over three years since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that resulted in the Fukushima Diiachii tragedy. I am reminded of my February 21, 2010 article which attempted to sound the alarm "ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE NEXT DIRTY ENERGY DISASTER" and which foretold the invisible holocaust of Fukushima Diiachi, and the denied impact is has had via the jet stream and the ocean upon California.

Oh we all know that the threat could not have been so bad or else Congress would have done something to protect us, like seed the radioactive clouds created by the Fukushima explosions, so that the contaminated jet stream could have at least dispersed and diluted itself into the Pacific Ocean.

If it was really so bad, they would have at least entombed the plant in concrete as the Russians did with Chernobyl. And if the airborne radioactive materials that set off alarms along the California's west coast a few weeks after the Fukushima explosions were harmful, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission would have surely never raised the standard for acceptable radiation limits thereafter. If there was any danger, certainly our elected California legislators would have taken some kind of action. Isn't that right...?

Or maybe in their incompetence to protect us, our elected officials thought they could at least serve us by keeping the danger a secret so as not to raise alarm, such as was done during Word War II when the Japanese military used the jet stream to launch over 9,000 balloon bombs over America and the government ordered a total news blackout on the subject. But the Fukushima cover-up is not part of any war, and there is no enemy to deceive that we are not all being affected by the radiation, in the hope of our enemy cancelling their program.

Sadly, it appears instead that for pure financial and political concerns the U.S. government allowed itself to be lobbied and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission buried concerns and promoted their stilted safety record even as Fukushima melted. Let's be frank about it, the true facts have been covered up by politicians in the pockets of corporations developing nuclear energy just as they covered up and refused to clean up the 1959 nuclear meltdown which emitted 240 times more radiation from a secret site nestled within the hills of Simi Valley than New Jersey's Three Mile Island disaster in 1979.

The government kept that contamination emitted from the hills surrounding Chatsworth, and the Santa Susana Pass a secret for over 20 years, as Santa Ana winds gusted the radioactive dust into the San Fernando Valley and over the hills and beaches of Los Angeles. In 2008, activists finally forced the EPA to declare the area a superfund cleanup site.

But as of today there has hardly been a scant amount of cleanup in face of the suffering of so many cancer patients, and the arguments of attorneys who just can't seem to see how winds blow radioactive particulate, or that the world is really an incredibly small place.

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