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As Vikings build, is a new stadium in the works for the Chargers?

Qualcomm Stadium remains the home for the San Diego Chargers.
Qualcomm Stadium remains the home for the San Diego Chargers.
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If you could make the final call, would you opt to spend money on a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers or instead perhaps put those funds towards better infrastructure around San Diego, maybe towards improving the school system around the county, or maybe even for a bigger and better airport to serve residents and those visiting America's Finest City?

In what seems like a topic that doesn't want to go away, talk of a new stadium for California's southern most NFL franchise again continues to pop up.

With a year-to-year lease to host their homes games at Qualcomm Stadium, the Chargers' ownership and management have been crying out for new digs for years now. With the San Francisco 49ers set to open up their new house this season, the pressure seems to only increase for San Diego officials to give the Bolts what they want.

In comments last month to, newly elected San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer noted, "The Chargers are incredibly important to the city and the region. I firmly believe that it's incumbent for everyone to work together. My main priority is going to be ensuring that any proposal that moves forward protects us as taxpayers here in San Diego. That will be my guiding principle. But I'm confident that we can achieve that. We're certainly going to be beginning the dialogue soon. Ultimately, it's one that I'm convinced that has to involve the greater San Diego community. And I look forward to playing a role in that."

New stadiums around the NFL are certainly popping up in recent years, with the Minnesota Vikings the latest to be working on a new home.

As a result of construction on a new NFL venue in the Twin Cities, the Vikings have made a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl. Minneapolis last played host to Super Bowl XXVI in 1992, where the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills.

“This new stadium is being built to attract and host major events, some that will bring more than 100,000 visitors to fill our hotels and restaurants and to shop in our stores,” Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Chair Michele Kelm-Helgen remarked in a statement. “Events like the Super Bowl provide national and international exposure to Minnesota as a place to live, work and do business. We hope this will be just one example of the many economic benefits the stadium will provide our great state.” The new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium (seating 65,000) is forecast to open in 2016.

As fans in San Diego all well know, the city will not be getting another Super Bowl until a new stadium is built, something the NFL has made very clear since the last championship was held here in the early 2000's between Oakland and Tampa Bay. To sum it up, the NFL is holding San Diego hostage from having another Super Bowl until new digs are built.

So, are you optimistic the Chargers will get a new home in San Diego sooner rather than later?

If not, would you be upset if the Chargers headed for Los Angeles or another venue down the road?

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