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As usual, Rubio is wrong again

Dreamer: in his own fantasy world
Dreamer: in his own fantasy world
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Today marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty campaign, and politicians are flocking to the microphones in order to show their concern for the poor in this nation. Both parties are trying to demonstrate how they are the one who truly cares for the downtrodden.

I will give Democrats a pass even though they too have done very little to alleviate the problems of the poor. With the passage of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 during the Clinton Administration, they have sat idly by while the poor are demonized for their lack of drive, laziness, and willingness to merely live off government handouts. But many have tried in pass legislation which if implemented could have continued President Johnson’s vision.

However, it is completely ridiculous when Republicans, like Florida Senator Mark Rubio, go on television pompously advocating that they care about the plight of poor people. Ever since the Reagan Administration when the Age of Individualism was initiated, Republicans have advocated that being poor is an individual problem and a weakness of character. They have in the last 30 years done nothing except insult, deface and demean anyone who is poor in this country.

Senator Rubio, a product of governmental programs, goes on television to denounce President Johnson’s efforts and the failure of “big government,” while acting like he has a program which goes beyond giving money to the wealthy, because they are smarter, so that it can trickle down to us “dumb folk.” The Republicans will not have a new thought on how to solve anything because they simply do not believe in the value of government, so how could they promote any governmental initiative.

We have lived the last 30 years under this belief system, and have no progress to show for it. Poverty rates are higher than they were in the 70’s, except for demographic groups where government programs exist, such as the elderly; the income gap is that of a third world country; and millions of Americans cannot find work. Why are we not arguing about Reagan’s failed economic policies which are the real destroyers of President Johnson’s War on Poverty?

For obvious reasons, such as misguided politicians, like Senator Rubio, and small minded groups like the Tea Party, America remains stagnant, caught in quagmire of ineffective government and a growing impoverished population. But there is a silver lining the Rich are getting Richer, and we all know how well countries who have had a small wealthy class and large poor population have survived?

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