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As the World Turned

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As the World Turned

During the course of this last year Guiding Light and As the World Turns are now part of history gone by. Two iconic soaps, on afternoon TV becoming a mainstay of daily life for generations of housewives . Given birth in a time when largely women did not work outside of the home and after a morning of routine and cleaning, lunch fixed and a quiet time spaced out, women sat down on the couch and became part of world far away from the life they knew. At the time seeing afternoons as a rather virtual leap into another life, they took on the characters of the soap operas as part of their own life, having favorites and vocalizing to the screen through possibly their empty living rooms either joy or disgust for the screen on the TV and what they chose to identify with yet maybe secretly wondering if life beyond the routine was or could be a reality. Commercials geared to women of the world in the early years from Proctor and Gamble and the marvelous cleaning products to ease their lives into creating more time for the afternoon and less time cleaning the house.

Remembering, watching my own mother as she would command for the most part her quiet time during the soaps, her distaste for Lisa (Eileen Fulton) though not missing a day to interject into the TV screen her thoughts as the show progressed. Mystifying to myself seeing my mother so glued to watching programs that at times turned her cheeks red in anger as the plot of the day rolled on ending in a daily cliff hanger which would bring the audience back again tomorrow. Bedroom scenes produced by the imagination of seeing two people in robes through the assumption something did take place in a life without bathrooms and church was a scene portrayed in times of weddings and death. The soaps of yesteryear designed to open the imagination while allowing the audience to interact thoughts, dreams, pleasure/displeasure in life in relating to life known and imagined; such was the birthing process of the soap operas.

World wide technology, cable TV and busy lives of the once then stay at home mother has been given the credit for the demise of the soap operas. Possibly another is the demise of many to find the imagination in viewing TV now as they did then. How much viewing now is done to spark the imagination or does imagination factor into choices of viewing TV now? Choosing and being fed a world of reality in our programming with imagination no longer in the forefront of the industry whether for entertainment or our political and world news. Through immediate camera technology, uploading and the world of the internet the graphics of our world are instant throughout the days of our lives now. Imagination is found to be used as a prompt for meditation, blocking moments rather than hours of the day to turn into our own thinking and feelings while stepping back from what the perceived reality of our world is. Having crossed over into the imagined world of our reality of living our routines, thoughts and pleasures in life have now became the new reality.

Spiritually, three steps in thought I read long ago are my own sense of logic of the universe; what is real is imagined, then what is imagined is real and then it just is. The conscious, unconscious and supra conscious connections we all have progressively as three rungs on the ladder of communicating beyond the seen. As soaps have faded beyond the first into the second rungs of the ladder, we have as well. Not only evolving and speeding existence in a merge of our own reality and virtual reality with lightening speed we are always creeping into the level of supra consciousness identifying with “it just is”, not being about the reality or the imagined though more of accepting and allowing the “just” to become a creative force of change. Even ten years ago, talk of energy around us was still not widely understood – today this same dialogue is being used in commercial statements as being “just” as it is. Internal knowledge is increasing and changing that which was accepted as fact with discernment for the intuition of each in knowing the imagined from the reality of yesteryear.

Many across the world for decades have been moving unto this road of spirituality and inner knowing while at this time many more are joining the path of a self quest and interactively looking within and still connected possibly more strongly then centuries of religious order has been able to accomplish. Self questioning moving from a need of another to tell you who YOU are to YOU defining who you are from the “just” knowing now. From the soaps of your life leaving you feeling your reality was imagined to discovering all that you did imagine is real; into accepting NOW all of YOU are part of all that “just” is. Awakening to the soul of imagination of the past, welcome home! All that has been forever still is; we have only laid to rest our believing, wake up, dream and remember you are part of this world but not of it. As one Guiding Light dimmed and another took shine in the light of the heart another world has stopped turning and took its rightful place in the all of no time. Without loss and only remaining in the hearts and souls of those here and those beyond once again, celebrate your trip through life – it is but the blink of your larger eye lighting and guiding you without hesitation. So long to the Hughes and the Bauer families of our imagination and thank you for serving your journey well.